​October 9, 1988 .one of the happiest days of my life​


​Rob and his first true love.

His MOM​

​Leaving Riverhead County jail. Ready to try and  start my new life​

-----Always feeling safe in his arms------

This was me at the age of 11 with my sister Joann when the abuse started--the reason I needed to stop my father’s abuse from continuing. .

​Rob & me

after 30 years together​

My high school picture. Not a happy time under that fake smile

​My mother would have loved to see her first granddaughter, play her organ 

All I ever wanted was to be a good mom

​All these years later I’m still 

holding on strong to my baby sister​

Our daughters. The reason why I get out of bed every day and go on.

With my dog Cocoa.  Find out what happened to my baby Cocoa in the book.

​This is the woman who taught me to never give up​

At the beach with our first born trying to find some peace

Birdie & Big Mike- the two people who loved me unconditionally & took me into their family, believing me with no questions asked. I love and miss them tremendously 

My brother & best friend. The only person in this world that knows how and what it was like

to suffer at the hands of our father. He will always be my hero.

Our youngest daughters last college softball game

Rob's Mom and Dad - These 2 wonderful people

never gave up on me.​.

1st Anniversary Oct.9,1989 Still smiling while trying to stay strong

​Proud parents. Not only did Rob commit to taking care of me, but

he became a RN to help others.​